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Puraslim Muffin

Fat is a natural carrier of flavor, as well as a key element in assuring a great mouth feel. When it comes to rich breads and cakes, fat creates that typical soft, short and moist texture. However, the high fat content in these baked goods also has a high impact on the recipe cost. In addition, it has a negative effect on the nutritional values. This is in contrast with current consumer trends, who are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives without compromising on taste and pleasure.

Puraslim is a unique combination of emulsifier, enzyme, and flavor technology emanating from years of research in reduced-fat bakery products. It mimics all the properties of traditional fat such as softness, short bite, shelf life and taste while lowering the levels of fat.

“When bakers lower the fat in many baked goods, texture is compromised,” says Richard Leboucher, Puratos R&D Director, USA. “We offer a fat alternative that delivers the same taste and texture sensation in breads and cakes like traditional fats, while improving the nutritional value and being cost competitive."

With Puraslim:

  • You have better nutritional values by reducing fat by up to 50% in cakes and 70% in breads.
  • You can promote your baked goods with nutritional claims such as “low fat” or “reduced fat.”
  • You will have the possibility to improve the texture of your products.

When used in soft rolls, for example, you will notice better softness, short bite and moistness than in soft rolls prepared with traditional fats after 3 days storage.

Did you know

In blind tests, consumers didn't notice the reduced fat content in baked goods, and preferred the Puraslim products.

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