Compound Coating Solutions

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Carat Compound Coating

Carat is the Puratos range of quality compound coatings and fillings, which are as convenient to use, as they are great to eat.

Using the finest ingredients, Carat products offer unlimited possibilities in a variety of formats, taking into account the needs of today’s Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate professionals. In 2012, Puratos started to exclusively use sustainable palm oil, certified by RSPO, in its compound products. Now Puratos is setting a new standard in the industry by introducing a great tasting, sustainable cocoa powder from its Cacao-Trace™ program.

Puratos Cacao Trace

By controlling the fermentation and drying of cocoa beans we are able to provide high-quality raw materials to our factories to ensure that sustainable sourcing efforts can be combined with great taste.

CacaoTrace Cut Test

                "Cacao-Trace™ BeanCut test"

Learn more about Cacao-Trace™ here.

What’s more, professionals can rely on the proven expertise in chocolate processing from the Puratos Group (including the Belcolade and Chocolanté ranges), guaranteeing a superior range of products with excellent texture, gloss and viscosities.
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