All Purpose Bread Improvement

S500 Trust the Best!


S500 is a range of all purpose dough conditioners ensuring you the best quality in every application and baking process. Thanks to the latest patent enzyme technology and additional freshness enzymes, the benefits are better than ever providing you absolute peace of mind and a consistent high quality.

S500 guarantees you the best quality providing:

  • Outstanding volume
  • Great dough tolerance
  • Impressive break and shred for crusty breads
The S500 conditioners are highly versatile as it can be used for:
  • Different applications: crusty and soft rolls, sliced bread, multigrain bread, Ciabatta, Danish…
  • Different baking processes: direct, overnight and frozen.
Puratos gives you complete peace of mind so you can offer your customers the best bread any time!

S500 Red

S500 Red is extremely versatile, it can be used at different dosage in different applications. In order to offer you the best service, Puratos recommends following dosage levels for each situation.
S500 Chart

Our secret?

We always have been using patented enzymes in our S500 improvers that have been unique to Puratos which makes it difficult to be duplicated by others.

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