The Sensobus is a newly refurbished, fully equipped mobile sensory lab used to target demographics, determine preferences, and understand consumer buying habits.

Sensory Lab on Wheels

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The Senosbus concept was developed by the Puratos Group in 2005 from the idea to gather consumer insights directly from them while they went about daily business. It is the first of its kind and unique in its ability to reach your consumers where they shop and eat.

Recently refurbished, this mobile sensory lab is capable of testing up to 300 consumers per day anywhere in the USA and Canada. When it comes to targeting demographics, an understanding consumer’s buying habits, the Sensobus is second to none!

Around 300 consumers can take part in food research questions per day.

This spacious mobile sensory laboratory creates a comfortable environment for consumers to share their opinions about their every day food needs and preferences. Around 300 consumers can take part in a study per day. On entering the Sensobus, consumers will be seated at one of 8 individual sensory tasting booths and be presented with either bakery, patisserie or chocolate prototypes paired with a prepared questionnaire. The answers are used to calculate a data mapping to indicate consumer preference. In combination with a mapping of the product characteristics we can precisely determine and explain which products best match consumer expectations to ensure that our customer’s new product launches are a hit from the word ‘Go’!


The Sensobus provides a number of valuable benefits….
• Better understanding of consumer preferences
• Organized, unbiased information to effectively reduce risk
• Forecasts trends of future consumer tastes and preferences
• Compares products locally and regionally
• Hosts a team lead by a Sensory Analysis expert

En route to better understand the preferences of consumers in their own environment...

Sensobus 2

Puratos has an international network of highly professional and dedicated Sensory Scientists that have created a world class sensory program. Our sensory team can be involved from beginning to end, from project objectives through data analysis and reporting. Our Sensobus is yet another tool created to help us be your reliable partner in innovation.

Make Sensory Analysis part of your launch process and contact Puratos today!

Did you know

The Sensobus was one of Modern Baking's Innovative 10 in their February 2012 edition!

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