Consumer Validating

At Puratos, sensory analysis is at the very heart of our innovations. It enables us to understand and describe how people spontaneously evaluate food and is therefore a key aspect of the partnership we have with our customers.

Sensory Tests

When beginning the sensory process it is important to know what you want to learn. Puratos is here to help you navigate this process and help assess the best routes for your project! Below are just a few of our Sensory Programs’ capabilities:

Triangle Tests help you understand if a difference exists between two products. This test is excellent for ensuring quality after reformulation or in comparison to competitors.

Paired Tests are excellent in comparing two or more samples. These tests can compare individual attributes of products from taste and texture or likability of product packaging.

Online Surveys provide invaluable information from Puratos’ vast network of online panelists. In order to piece together a snapshot of the current market, these surveys are designed to evaluate preferences for concepts and understand consumer buying habits.

• An Expert Panel is our internal descriptive Panel comprised of expertly trained participants. These panelists are capable of evaluating specific sensory attributes of products. This can be especially useful in determining which qualities lead consumers to prefer one product over another.

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