Industrial Patisserie Competence Center

Our state-of-the-art Industrial Patisserie Competence Center is an innovation center which focuses on research, development of applications and training. It enables us to provide industry-leading support to our patisserie customers.

Our Industrial Patisserie Competence Center focuses on the research of industrial patisserie processes, development of industrial applications and training. It brings together years of investment into tools and methodsĀ to help our largest customers face the challenges they meet in the marketplace. Every day, customers and Puratos experts from all over the world enjoy using the necessary equipment and support for testing new ingredients in industrial lines and in real customer situations.

The center includes pilot equipment in a realistic production environment for Puratos customers and affiliates to test, trial production and take advantage of our expertise.

It brings together years of investment into tools and methods which help our larger clients face the challenges they meet in the marketplace

Benefits for our customers

  • research into the production processes of patisserieĀ applications
  • development of tested solutions in a pilot production environment
  • more efficient and shorter time-to-market
  • support through a network of experts
  • trial implementation of ingredients and processes
  • specific patisserie equipment for testing
  • training on applications and technologies

Did you know

Puratos offers different tools for industrial customers