What is in there for you?

Here, away from the pressures of your everyday business, you will be introduced to a host of experts. They will share their expertise and knowledge of what’s happening in the market, including consumer trends, category and global insights.

Creativity and knowledge

Tailor made solutions CFBF
For years, Puratos has been conducting in-depth research into how consumers experience the taste of food in general and bread in particular. We will share this knowledge with you, including details of how people make do their evaluation and how this information can help you respond to your customers’ wishes and needs. Together with our experts and based on your brief, you will then generate a range of possible directions for your product development.

Concept development

We explore together what influence bread flavour has on taste and texture, and understand the characteristics of the Sapore range of natural bread flavours. We discuss the different steps in baking that add taste and character to bread (regardless of the technology used: direct, retarded proof, parbaked, frozen... ) and whether you wish to renovate your existing products or add some new innovation to it. You can also test and develop new applications with our specialists, and create new recipes to enchant your customers. 

Our experts translate your ideas into reality in the state-of-the-art test bakery. Using our sensory analysis capabilities, we evaluate the samples until you have a concept that meets your expectations.

We discuss the different steps in baking that add taste and character to bread

Implementation and communication

The aim is to transform the final concept into a bespoke solution in our production facility. As the Puratos Center for Bread Flavour is located directly opposite the Puratos Sourdough factory, you can enjoy a guided tour and see how the bread flavours are produced. We will also help you find out how to use the most appealing taste arguments to promote your bread. All these topics can be covered in greater detail at seminars that are tailored to your team’s requirements. The Center for Bread Flavour, with its bakery, restaurant and meeting room facilities, is an exceptional venue for events and team building.

Did you know

that you can create your own unique bread flavour?

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