Puratos Center for Bread Flavor

Taste Beyond Imagination
For years, Puratos has been conducting in-depth research into how people around the world experience the taste of finished goods, particularly bread. To collect greater insights in bread flavor and fermentation, we opened the Puratos Center for Bread Flavor.

Based in Saint Vith, Belgium, the Puratos Center for Bread Flavor combines our expertise in taste, flavor, fermentation and bread pairing to show how flavor influences the taste and texture of bread.

The Puratos Center for Bread Flavor Mission:

We wish to be the reference place where the baking industry, scientists and Puratos employees gather to experience and exchange best practices on the different aspects of flavor formation and fermentation technology. Our aim is to work together to generate knowledge while creating finished goods with taste beyond imagination.

Interested in visiting the Puratos Center for Bread Flavor?
Reach us at infous@puratos.com or contact your local Puratos representative today!