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    At Puratos, we are focused on what consumers’ are looking for in their bread, pastry, and chocolate products. With our proprietary research study, Taste Tomorrow, we have watched the clean label trend grow and now see that consumers are putting more and more emphasis on clean and clear labels. With this increase in demand to remove certain additives, our customers have faced challenges reformulating while keeping the quality of their finished goods. Puratos feels that going clean label should be a choice, not a sacrifice. That is why we have worked continuously to provide clean label solutions that do not compromise on taste, texture, and performance. With Puratos Clean(er) label, we can help make your ingredient list Short(er), Clear(er), Clean(er), and Simply Bett(er).
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Why Puratos Clean(er) Label for Bakery?

Improvers and Mixes

    Puratos has made superior quality dough improvers and mixes for over 60 years. In that time, our techniques and technologies have advanced considerably. Enzyme technology has been the cornerstone of Puratos ability to provide clean label improvers and mixes that do not sacrifice on performance. Through our investments in vertical integration of enzyme technology, Puratos is able to bring high performing solutions to our customers that will make their transition to clean label successful!

Sourdough & Fermentation Flavors

    Puratos has been proud to offer the very best in fermentation flavors and presoaked blends of grains and seeds. Our expertise in fermentation has allowed us to provide our customers unparalleled quality products that are not only unique in performance but are preservative free, GMO free, and contain no artificial flavors or colors.

Cleaner Label Bread

For more information or to contact the nearest Puratos Representative, click here: infous@puratos.com

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Why Puratos Clean(er) Label for Patisserie?

Our efforts toward removing hydrogenated fat, trans-fat, and gums has allowed us to develop amazing cake and patisserie mixes that easily rival their counterparts in taste, texture, and performance. All of this is done without the use of preservatives, bleached or bromated flours, artificial flavors and colors, and without aluminum based phosphates. In addition, we continue to remove high fructose corn syrup from our glazes, icings, and fillings. This has left us with amazing tasting and high performing items that our competitors in clean label solutions cannot match!

Cleaner Label Patisserie

For more information or to contact the nearest Puratos Representative, click here: infous@puratos.com

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Why Puratos Clean(er) Label for Chocolate?

Puratos Chocolates are made with carefully selected coca beans, 100% cocoa butter, and real vanilla. We also offer a wide range of great-tasting Non-GMO and Organic real chocolate coatings and inclusions. Our compound coatings and chips contain 100% non-hydrogenated fats, and all of our coatings are made with 100% real vanilla and without artificial preservatives.

Cleaner Label Chocolate

For more information or to contact the nearest Puratos Representative, click here: infous@puratos.com

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