Safeguarding the future of cocoa with Cacao-Trace™


"On-farm agricultural training in Ivory Coast"
Our investment in cocoa collection and fermentation centers enables us to master the quality of our cocoa ingredients so that chocolatiers, bakers and patisserie chefs can enjoy high-quality sustainable chocolate with unique flavors.
Farming cocoa is not an easy task. Ageing trees, lack of productivity, high investment costs and fluctuating prices are just some of many challenges that cocoa farmers in the world might face.

At Puratos, we are very much aware of these challenges.

The program is entirely dedicated to creating a long-term sustainable cocoa production and an added value for everyone involved in the cocoa supply chain, from the farmers to the final consumer.

Better return, traceability and improved productivity and quality are the essential elements of the program. Cacao-Trace aims to upscale the livelihoods of the farmers by improving the return to farmers and paying them fair prices for their fruits.