60 Years of Bread Improvement


It has been 60 years since Puratos pioneered the bakery industry by introducing the T500, the first complete bread improver.

Suddenly, it was possible to control and improve the entire baking process and offer the consumer consistent high quality. Since Puratos launched the first complete bread improver, we continued to revolutionize the baking industry and give our customers the speed and flexibility to tackle their daily challenges, so they can offer their customers  a wide variety of high quality products at any time of the day.


Crusty Roll In 1953, François Van Belle and Pierre Demanet, two pioneers of Puratos, turned evolution into revolution for the bakery industry by creating the T500, the very first complete bread improver in the world. Suddenly, it is possible to control and improve the entire baking process and to offer the consumer consistent high quality.


Twenty years after the T500, a new revolution emerges: the S500, a complete bread improver in powder form. This means an important step forward in operational efficiency and convenience for bakers around the world. 


croissants At the end of the millennium, consumer demand for more convenience and the growth of bake-off shops and supermarkets pushes bread producers to explore new production methods and technologies such as frozen breads and rolls. So in 1982, Puratos introduces Kimo, a solution for frozen bakery goods.


brioche Soft'r was produced to cater to the demand of both consumers and bread producers to keep bread soft and fresh longer.


Hamburger bun In recent years, as the market sprawls in all directions, industrial bakers are looking for particular solutions to overcome specific challenges. The answer is Intens, a modular ingredient approach for texture improvement and dough rheology challenges. Based on the latest enzyme technologies and combined with consumer insights, the Intens range can help bakers to design their desired bread textures.


Soft'r Melting muffin The demand for indulgent products continues to grow. At the same time, the expectations of consumers for sweet soft breads are rising. They are asking for products that are fresher. This is where Soft’r Melting has a vital role to play.


Baguette Launch of the new generation S500 based on Puratos latest patented enzyme technology we can give our customers peace of mind and outstanding quality. Trust the best!