Our innovation process is driven by a passion to help you maintain, grow and innovate your business, as well as prepare it for the future – which we achieve through new products, innovative techniques, as well as cost-saving solutions.

From insights to innovations

Valuable information and ideas come from all over the world, but our main source of inspiration is the customers we work with on a daily basis. They are constantly challenging  us to go beyond the norm, and create new breakthrough products for tomorrow. It's often these discussions that reveal the insights for our researchers to base their new developments on, and it's one of our most important ingredients.

Puratos has a team of more than 500 specialists – including researchers, food technicians and technical advisers – who work in the different Innovation Centers and regional R&D Centers around the world. There, they work on adapting the products, processes and services to continuously improve quality and add value by meeting both customer and consumer needs.

From innovation to inspiration

We are convinced that innovation is the most important business driver: it creats a point of differentiation again competition and helps attract new customers. Our ambition is to inspire our customers, just as they inspire us. Innovation Centers around the world, and at the client's own premises we stimulate creativity and offer practical technical solutions, such as chocolate fillings, extended shelf life, frozen solutions, ready to use mixes and glazes for maximum convenience to name just a few.

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