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The savvy consumer
Today’s consumers are becoming smarter when it comes to making healthier food choices. However, being conscious about their food does not mean a willingness to forfeit taste: they want nutritionally balanced food that is tasty and economically smarter.
Bakery trends in the US the products can be viewed and scaled on two key dimensions: special occasion to everyday use and simple products to indulgent products. The simpler the product the greater likelihood for consumption for everyday use i.e. toast for breakfast with family at home. The more indulgent the product the greater the likelihood for consumption on special occasions i.e. a Danish for breakfast with friends at a café.
Some consumers make a conscious effort to reduce their consumption of bakery products so the likelihood of consuming Danish with friends is less than the likelihood of the choice of toast for breakfast. When commencing the selection of their toast the consumers often scrutinizes the nutrition content available to ensure that that they are getting their fiber and nutrients and reducing their fat and caloric intake.
With rate of obesity increasing over the years Michelle O’bamas, Let’s Move Campaign, emphasizes the need to choose a healthier lifestyle. The biggest emphasis is the nutritional diagram, MyPlate. The new diagram, shaped as a serving plate, shows balanced portions of intake in the proper food groups.

Then and Now Comparison

The trend and demand for Bakery items in the past concentrated on:

  • Less variety, choice
  • A clear category distinction between bread and desserts
  • More white bread consumed
  • A greater acceptance of carbohydrates
  • Less scrutiny of carbohydrates
  • Less scrutiny of ingredients

Now the trends and demands concentrate more on:

  • More selection and variety
  • More cross category pollination i.e. whole wheat cake
  • More demand for healthier breads i.e. high in fiber
  • Less tolerance for carbohydrates

More concern about leading healthy lifestyles.

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