History of Belcolade

Belcolade Evolution 1
The Real Belgian Chocolate

Puratos has always had a passion for chocolate; it was a logical step to help safeguard that rich tradition by investing in the production of Real Belgian chocolate in Belgium.

Back in the Eighties, when many of Belgium’s large flagship chocolate companies were taken over by foreign groups, Puratos decided to protect one of the most precious elements of Belgium's culinary heritage: real Belgian chocolate.

As a result, in 1988, Puratos launched a new brand offering the finest quality chocolate produced exclusively in Belgium – in Erembodegem, west of Brussels. The new brand, Belcolade, was more than just a new brand but rather the culmination of a collective passion for the great taste of real Belgian chocolate.

Everything was created from scratch; the name, supply, recipes, production, packaging, communication, and marketing.

Belcolade Evolution 2 During all of this, Puratos learned that a chocolate factory in Erembodegem, which had closed years before, was for sale…No sooner seen than purchased!
A small part of the that factory production line was still in place., it just had to be rebuilt. After months and months of effort  and tenacity, Belcolades first tons left the conching machines in 1988. This was the  greatest satisfaction of its creators and the obvious relief of its shareholders, namely the Puratos families. In a little over 25 years, Belcolade has become world-renowned as "The Real Belgium Chocolate", and the preferred supplier of many chocolatiers across the globe.

Responsible Sourcing... Then and Now

Belcolade Evolution 3
Delicious chocolate begins with the careful selection of ingredients, which is why we have developed long-term relationships with our suppliers. This allows us to ensure consistently high quality. We apply strict criteria when it comes to the origin of our cocoa beans. We source only the best quality, so we can make superior tasting chocolate.

Only the finest quality cocoa beans from around the world are selected and expertly blended. The Belcolade team of experts analyses the ingredients at the Erembodegem factory to ensure that only the best quality cocoa mass, cocoa butter and other ingredients are used. Naturally, we only use 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla.

It all starts with the humble cocoa tree. Cultivated in the narrow sub-tropical strip around the equator (more specifically in the zone between 23° north and 23° south), the cocoa tree is the source of all the flavour and goodness of fine-quality chocolate. Our cocoa beans come from three continents: South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Each country has its own specialties, cocoa varieties and flavours. Belcolade works together with specially selected farmer cooperatives using the same harvest and post-harvest processes.

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